Program Registration

Registration for all lessons, leagues, and activities at Kraken Community Iceplex are via Dash Registration Management.

If registering a minor: A parent/guardian will be required to set up an account for themselves first, and then add their child/dependent(s) to that account.

Dash filters visibility of programs by age of a particular person. If you are unable to find a specific program while in Dash, make sure the "person you are enrolling" is set to the right person. 

I.e. - if you are enrolling an 8yr old, and that person is selected as the "person you are enrolling", you will only see programs available for 8yr olds. If you are looking for a different program for a sibling, you will need to add that sibling as a new participant first before enrolling him/her in a program for a different age group. 


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NHL Learn to Play Registration

Registration for the NHL Learn to Play 1 program is via League Apps. 

Once you register for this program, you will also be required to set up an account on Dash in order to sign KCI facility waivers on behalf of your player. Our Youth Hockey staff will ensure your player is added to the program roster in Dash, after you have set up your Dash account. 


Financial Assistance

Financial support for youth programming is available through the One Roof Foundation.

Financial Assistance