We gave our Jr Kraken the NHL treatment and mic'd up one of the players!

Learn more about how Player Development Coach David Min used his love of hockey to transition into a new culture & build a community and how he is looking to help expand that community for the next generation of #AANHPI individuals.

Follow along as our operations crew installs ice in our three rinks for the very first time. 

The Seattle Ironmen, a local hockey squad for ages 50+, have formed life-long friendships over playing into advanced age at the Great Puckaroo Round-up, which will be a part of Kraken Hockey League tournaments. 

Kraken CEO Tod Leiweke is excited to announce Starbucks as our Community Impact Partner & unveil our newly named Kraken Community Iceplex!

Adult hockey players of all skill levels had a great time in our inaugural Lost Anchor Tournament in July 2023.

On September 9, 2022, the Iceplex will celebrate its one-year anniversary.

On October 9 and 10, we hosted our first-ever Girls' & Women's Hockey Forum presented by Starbucks.

Washington Hockey Referees Enjoy the Great Puckaroo Roundup Outdoor Tournament. 

We held a special event in celebration of the grand opening featuring guest speakers, ceremonial puck drop, public skate sessions & more.

Opening Day, 09.09.21